Part 5: Assessment and Report Writing

Part 5: Assessment and Report Writing During COVID-19
Dr. Glendora Tremper, CCC-SLP

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COVID19 – Its advent and subsequent stay at home measures have created many questions in the assessment, identification, and provision of services for our students with special needs. Whether we return to school in person, online, or a hybrid model, we are still required to ensure our students are provided a Free and Appropriate Public Education through IDEA. Assessment, evaluation and its necessary counterpart – report writing will need to be accomplished. This workshop will focus on how COVID19 may impact your assessment and identification of students, and how to accurately reflect that in your Speech and Language Report.

ASHA: 0.1


CA SLPAHB: 1.0  

CMH: 1.0 

Dr. Glendora Tremper has been an SLP for 25 years and a special education administrator for 19 years. She has worked in the traditional and charter school settings ensuring the needs and legal rights of all students are met. Dr. Tremper is presently the Special Education Coordinator at Springs Charter Schools (pop. 9,700), supervising all related service providers across the network. Additionally she was a school board member for Chula Vista Elementary School District in San Diego County and continues to be on the School Board of Mueller Charter School. Outside of the educational field, Dr. Tremper volunteers with and is on the board of various non-profit organizations focused on providing care for children with cleft palate and craniofacial anomalies. She has presented internationally and nationally at conferences in Mexico and San Diego.

  • Review of the legal requirements and components for a speech and language evaluation and report

    Identify the impact of COVID19, school closures, and return to school, on the assessment and reporting process

    Recommendation for language to include in the Speech and Language Report to address COVID19’s impact.

This course must be watched in its entirety. In order to receive the CMH or the CEU certificate, a quiz is required to be completed with 80% success.

Financial: Dr. Tremper received a speaking honorarium for this presentation.

Non-Financial: No relevant non-financial relationship exists

  • 5 mins – Disclosures, Introduction

    15 mins                      IDEA regulations

    20 mins                      Writing Samples

    20 mins                      Recommendations, Discussion

After watching all course videos,
please complete the CE quiz/certificate form
Course: 0111
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