Part 2: Effective Behavior Management for Online Speech Sessions

Part 2: Effective Behavior Management for Online Speech Sessions
DeAnna Mercier Glass, M.Ed, BCBA

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Challenging behavior can be disruptive to critical treatments including speech therapy. Now with many speech sessions occurring remotely, having a foundational understanding of problem behavior, why they occur, and why they persist, is of great importance. In addition, having a toolkit of evidence-based prevention, prompting, and reinforcement strategies can assist with making online speech sessions engaging, successful, and fun.

This presentation outlines ways to prevent and manage problem behaviors so that speech sessions will be optimally productive and fun. Participants will learn about the basic functions of behavior, ways to prevent problems before they occur, and how to maximize learning time in sessions while using evidence-based interventions. Participants will learn how to implement specific strategies throughout online sessions for best outcomes.

ASHA: 0.4


CA SLPAHB: 4.0  

CMH: 4.0 

DeAnna has worked in the field of Behavior Analysis since 2002. She earned her master’s degree in Education, Children’s Mental Health and Applied Behavior Analysis from Johnson State College in her home state of Vermont. Since becoming Board Certified in 2006, DeAnna has overseen behavioral programming in non-public schools, provided extensive training and consultation to large groups of special educators, has supported intensive in-home programs, and spent 10 years mentoring and supervising a large group of Behavior Analysts within a private ABA Company. DeAnna is passionate about helping students learn in the least restrictive environment and also supporting special educators and behavior technicians with developing an understanding of behavior so they may be maximally successful in their work.

    • Identify common antecedents to problem behavior
    • Describe the ways that behavior works for students with complex communication needs (function)
    • Implement multiple reinforcement strategies effectively
    • Embed specific strategies into online speech sessions

This course must be watched in its entirety. In order to receive the CMH or the CEU certificate, a quiz is required to be completed with 80% success.

No relevant financial and non-financial relationships exist.

  • Introduction-5 mins
  • Considerations for students- 10 mins
  • Prevention- 40 mins
  • Prompting- 15 mins
  • Reinforcement- 30 mins
  • Implementing Strategies into Online Sessions- 10 mins

Questions and Comments- 10 mins

After watching all course videos,
please complete the CE quiz/certificate form
Course: 0111
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