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Yvette D. Hyter, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, is Professor Emeritus of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, USA, and a Fellow of the American Speech Language and Hearing Association. Dr. Hyter’s clinical research focuses on social
pragmatic communication in two populations – children who speak African American English
and children with histories of maltreatment and trauma. She is a founding member of the
Children’s Trauma Assessment Center of Southwest Michigan (https://wmich.edu/traumacenter) and has developed a social pragmatic communication assessment battery for young children. Currently, Dr. Hyter serves as co-director of the Resiliency Center for Families and Children (https://wmich.edu/resiliencycenter). Dr. Hyter has extensive expertise in culturally responsive and globally sustainable practices. As Co-Director of a nonprofit, Cultural Connections: Transnational Research and Education
Laboratory, she co-taught study-abroad courses for students and community members in West Africa and in the U.S. Midwest about the causes and consequences of globalization on systems, policies, and practices. She has published articles underscoring the need for different conceptual frameworks guiding practice in equitable, culturally responsive, and
globally sustainable ways. She has written a co-authored textbook on culturally responsive practices through Plural Publishing, articles on the impact of childhood trauma on language
and communication and served in national and international leadership positions regarding global practice, diversity, inclusion, and equity. Dr. Hyter is also the owner of Language and Literacy Practices, LLC (https://www.languageliteracypractices.com) where she provides culturally and linguistically responsive, and trauma informed educational courses and
consultations, and is a founding member of the Speech, Language, Hearing Scientists Equity Action Collective, whose members are working to transform speech, language and hearing sciences by infusing equity, intersectionality, and social justice into education, research, clinical practice, and policies using critical science approaches.


Financial: Dr. Hyter received a stipend for delivering this course.
Non-Financial: Dr. Hyter is one of the founders of the Children’s Trauma Assessment Center and is currently co-director of the WMU Resiliency Center for Families and Children. Her work in these institutions and with the families and children served by these institutions is one source (of many) informing her work on child trauma. Dr. Hyter’s business, Language & Literacy Practices, LLC, provides an Institute on Child Trauma and Communication twice per year, and some information in this short course is also presented in various forms within
the Institute modules.

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